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If possible, attach your electronic device to a large screen such as a TV or computer monitor. You want a screen large enough to clearly see the teacher.

If your device does not have adequate sound, attach an external speaker. They easily plug into any device.

Set yourself in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed by people, pets, or noise.

Have good lighting on yourself and position your device so you will be visible to the teacher. If you’re not visible, I can’t see if you are doing a posture correctly.  If you prefer to not be visible, you can click the video icon on the screen to switch it off.

Keep any props you need nearby, i.e. blocks, straps, pillows.

Join class early so you have time to test your audio and video settings, and to get yourself settled on the mat. I will open the class 15 minutes before the practice begins.  You can use this time to ask questions or chat with friends.

Video View Settings:  You can choose Gallery View, which shows both teacher and students in uniform sized boxes across the screen. Speaker View, which enlarges whoever is currently speaking. Or Pin Video View (important to use once the class begins) which enlarges the teacher's picture fully and minimizes all others. 

Where you find these view options depends on the device you are using. Some devices let you double tap on the picture you want to enlarge, or you may see 3 dots that will open an additional menu. Keep in mind that the task bar on some devices may be hidden and you need to move the cursor around in order for the task bar to appear.  JOIN CLASS EARLY FOR HELP.

Once the meeting screen is open, click on the Participants button so you can see who is in class. Click on the Chat button so you can see any chats that post. The chats will not pop up automatically unless you’ve hit the button.

I am here to help you with this new technology. If you need extra help, please contact me by phone or email before the day of class as I only have a limited amount of time once the class is open.

​Linda Marrazzo
Certified Yoga Instructor
Phone: 678 344-3022 
     SATURDAY, JULY 4th 10 AM                                              EASY/MODERATE LEVEL

     MONDAY, JULY 6th, 6 PM                                                   EASY/MODERATE LEVEL

Posture options offered for beginners. Full session 1 hour practice. The class will open 15 minutes early so you can chat with friends or get help with screen and audio settings.  Please join in early because the class will be locked once the practice begins.  

Please register and pay for class early.

1.  Use REGISTER NOW to register for class.  Then use PAY NOW to connect to the                 secure online payment link.  You will receive an emailed receipt for your payment.
2.  When payment and registration are both received, you will receive a                         CONFIRMATION email with the invitation link tjoin the class. (I'll also send a         duplicate of this email as a reminder the day of class.)

Cost per Class - $6.00