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                                            Linda Marrazzo has practiced traditional Hatha yoga for over 35 years. Her 200 Hour                                             Teacher Training was completed at the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts under                                             Yoganand Michael Carroll. Pranakriya is based on the Hatha Yoga teachings of Swami                                              Kripalu. It is the practice of traditional asanas, pranayama, the development of a quiet                                              mind, and deep relaxation. She teaches at two locations in Snellville and Lawrenceville.                                              Linda brings to her classes both experience and a dedication to teaching. Her focus is on                                              developing strength and flexibility, the internal flow of circulation and energy, and                                              awareness of body and mind. Her goal is to nurture in her students a life long love for                                              yoga. 

Inspired by a compassion for animals, Linda has followed a vegan life style for over 20 years. This commitment has developed into an in depth study of the power of food and its effects on the body and mind. She has practiced a Macrobiotic diet for the past 7 years and has completed her Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition. In addition to her yoga practice, Linda’s hobbies include music, art, hiking, cooking and spending time with her husband, children and pets.

                                         Pat Cail brings to her classes over 14 years of yoga teaching experience. She earned her                                          200 hour teacher certification and her first 500 Hour Teacher Professional Training                                          Certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her second 500 Hour Advanced                                          Professional Level Teacher Certification was earned in Pranakriya Yoga under the guidance                                          of Master Teacher Yoganand Michael Carroll. Additional teaching certifications include                                          Prenatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Cancer (Y4C), Yoga for Osteoporosis, Restorative
                                         Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Life Force Yoga (for depression and anxiety), and Yoga Nidra
                                         (deep yogic relaxation). She is an extraordinarily gifted teacher whose skills enable her                                                    students, both beginner and advanced, to enhance their yoga practice and learn the true
                                          meaning of yoga.

Pat's specialty is her passion for sharing her deep knowledge of the body's energy centers known as the Chakras. Her Chakra Classes focus on awakening and strengthening these energy centers. She continues her studies of the Chakra system with Anodea Judith, as well as assisting her trainings, and is in the process of completing her Sacred Centers Professional Level Teacher Certification. In addition to teaching classes, Pat actively practices Karma Yoga, giving her time and attention to those around her in need. 

Pat's hobbies include travel, music, supporting her husband's sporting clays & Fitasc shooting competitions, and enjoying her family. Her relaxation time is enjoyed by spending as much time as possible with her husband, whom she warmly and affectionately calls "her practice crash dummy", her two children and her five grandchildren.

Taking a Yoga Class with Pat is a truly wonderful and enlightening experience for any student who is serious about the practice of yoga.
Pat Cail
Linda Marrazzo